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Instruction to the Author Details about the submission procedure

Text Range

5-20 Pages (2000 to 8000 Words)

Typing/ Printing

Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Lines Justified at the Right Margin, printed on one side of the page.

Paper Size

Letter Size


Top:1, Bottom:1, Left:1, Right:1. Gutter:0, Gutter Position: Left, Header: 1.5, Footer: 1.5. ½ inch indent at the first line of every paragraph. 1 inch indents at both sides of the page for the set-off quotations (above 3 lines)

Line Spacing

Soft copy: single-space throughout the paper, including quotations, notes and references.

Heading and Titles

Neither underlined, nor quotation-marked or all capitalized. No full stop after the heading or title


At the beginning of the paper (up to 500 words)

Page Numbering

At the bottom middle of the page


Either British or American style of spelling can be followed but mixing of these two will not be entertained.  

Table and Illustration

Source or any notes to be given immediately below the table. Single spaces throughout the lines of the table.


The soft copy of the article/paper is to be submitted to . two copies of the journal will be send through courier service to the prime author after meeting all the terms and conditions.

Submission must be done according to the above mentioned layout

 to , for submission any format other than MS Word will be accepted.

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